Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lexi Goes to “Skool”!

Today was THE day!  Lexi was so excited!  Her Daddy got her ready and then I met them at the school.  That was a great idea considering it took us both to bring in her and all the supplies! 

Aug 081

Aug 084

Daddy carries the hard stuff while Mommy plays photographer and lunch bag carrier! 

Aug 085

Look!  Her very own cubbie!  Which we filled to over flowing once we put all her stuff inside! 

Aug 087

A very proud Daddy and a very happy girl! 

Aug 089

A very proud Mommy and a beautiful little Lexi! 

Aug 092

Lexi’s first name tag!

Aug 102

 The playground…

Lexi was awesome!  We walked her in and she found her seat and sat down.  Geoff signed her in and quietly backed away.  When I started to leave, she began to climb me so her teacher’s assistant took over and distracted her with the cooking center. As we walked out of the building I couldn’t help but tear up.  I know… I’m a sap!

Aug 110

When I picked Lexi up at 1:00 she was so happy to see me!  Her teacher’s assistant told me that she had been a really good girl and had a really good day. I was a very proud Mommy!  I tried to take a few pictures on the way out but we didn’t get much. I snapped this one of her trying to carry her lunch bag.  It was still full so it was too heavy.  Miss Leslie told me that I was right yesterday and that Lexi did not eat her lunch like I predicted.

Aug 114 As we were walking to the car, she turned around and told me that she wanted to go back and play with the boys and girls!

Aug 119

Once in the car, she immediately wanted juice so I grabbed her thermos of milk and gave it to her.  I was surprised that she didn’t go to sleep on the way home.  I guess she was too hungry!

I had a hair appointment after work so I left her with mom.  Once I got back Aunt Carolyn came over to Mom’s and began to ask Lexi about her day.  Amazingly she told everyone that she colored with markers and paper, played with boys and girls, went swinging on the playground, and read books.  She also told us that her teacher was Miss Leslie (which amazingly sounds like Lexi coming from her).  She was one wild child at Mom’s!  The nap must have given her tons of energy! 

Once we got home and got some dinner, Lexi was able to get on Skype with Grandma and Yeh Yeh.  She told them all about school too.  Let’s just say we think that the first day of “skool” was a HUGE success!


Carolyn Smiley said...

I want my baby back! She looks soooo grown up. I love her dress. It really makes her look like a schoolgirl!

Mike and Rhonda said...

So cute! I so hope our first day is as good as yours.

Tracy said...

So cute!! Mercy, wait until she goes to ALL day, every day preschool.....*choke*. Love the outfit!