Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hard keeping Up These Days…

Last Thursday Lexi and I went to Brittney’s first ball game.  Lexi loves her Brittney!

Aug 243

Aug 238

She’s got an arm on her too! Watch out Brittney!

Then on Thursday, Brennen and Lexi had a sleep-over.  Let’s just say it’s never boring with both of them around.

Aug 250

Yep… this kitchen center IS inside.  Yea…. gotta love SAND!  I think their mission in life right now is to move sand from outside to inside!

Aug 251

And of course destroy the house… both inside and . . . 

Aug 257


Aug 253

And of course the trains always make it into the mix.

Aug 276

And some hide and seek.  (They only hid here in my closet EVERY SINGLE TIME!!)

Aug 277

Brennen, bless his heart has a penchant for dressing quirky just like Lexi. 

Aug 261

Aug 271 

And Lexi is so happy when he comes to visit!

Aug 278

The weekend came and went too fast.  Yesterday we began another week.  Lexi was her usual self when we got home and actually tolerated me taking a few pictures. 

Aug 279

But of course, she had to add a little – monkey poses to follow.  Last night after we got home, I practiced some flash cards with her and she did very well.  Her attention span amazes me … THAT IS … until her DADDY comes home.  Then it’s like 2 seconds long.  When it was just me and her, she did so well.  But when I tried to get her to “show off” for her Daddy suddenly all the flash cards were “cookies”. The only word she read was “teeth” (go figure!).

She picked out a book for me to read to her.  Her favorite for last night was “I love You Like Crazy Cakes”. 

Aug 286

When I picked Lexi up today from Mom’s I got a big surprise.  Mom told me that instead of trying to put Lexi in dance lessons this year that we should consider putting her in preschool 3 days a week because she loves it so much.  We were thinking we would do this after Christmas but we agree that since she loves it so much and looks forward to it so much that we should go ahead and go for 3 days.  She is learning a lot and is really doing so well.  So probably by next week, we will be at 3 days a week. 

Her upcoming big thing is Labor Day weekend.  She is going to have her first long weekend with Grandma and Ye Ye at their South Carolina house while we go away for a weekend with Carolyn and John in FL.  When they were visiting a few weeks ago, we decided that Lexi (or is it US) are ready to let her visit without us. We’ll have to see how that goes!  LOL!  I am thinking at this point we may have to make a list of “no-no’s” for Ye Ye but we are very comfortable that Grandma will make them both behave!  :-)  We’ll just have to see if we can make it through a long weekend without our precious Lj.  And … will she make it without US?  I know in the end all will enjoy the weekend even if we all experience some withdrawals. 

And at least we know Ye Ye can pick out dresses…

Aug 041

 And Grandma can fix her hair!

Aug 045

And little Lj better behave!

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