Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FB Made my day….

I know this is not proper…. but I had to cut and paste from a conversation on Facebook from my friend and Lexi’s assistant teacher…
Miss L: 
Aww Lexi she is adorable!! Very intelligent and very well behaved! She is my shadow during the day. I love it in there!
Mrs. S. L.
Wanda will love to hear she is well behaved.... She dresses her so cute, I could just eat her up!
Miss L:
Very good, I never have to ask her to do anything twice!!
Our child makes and breaks my day!  I’m only being honest.  I know she is adorable, sweet and irresistible!   But mornings like this morning when she is asserting her Terrible Twos and in the end makes me late for work I just want to scream!  This morning it was kiss daddy…. no kiss daddy…. want blankie…. no blankie…. want blankie…. and then no kiss Mommy to kiss mommy.  It’s time in OUR house to show the two and a half year old who pays the bills, and is in charge. 
She does still love school and is a happy girl but we have some work to do to establish who is in control and unless she begins to earn a sizable paycheck soon…. she is low on the totem pole.  However, this Mommy and Daddy are very happy that our girl is so good at school!

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