Monday, August 02, 2010

Back to work and Lexi Love…

Morning came too soon today!  I was snoozing so good when Geoff told me I had to get up!  Ugh!  After the first day of back to work, I headed to Mom’s to check on her since she had come home from her knee surgery.  She was doing really great by the way!  I came home to find Lexi very happily playing with Grandma and Ye Ye.  They had a great day and seemed to enjoy every second!  

Later in the evening I met Carolyn at her house to pick up a dress that I asked her to buy me in Brunswick for Lexi’s first day of “skool”.  It’s way cute!   Of course Carolyn couldn’t resist buying her a few things from “Cutie Patootie” that were half price.  She ended up with a cute little “Ruffle butts” outfit with matching shoes and of course the back to school outfit that I wanted with a matching bow.  Who knows though because Carolyn saw another reversible dress they were working on and she ordered one.  We shall see!

We tried on the ruffle butts outfit and then went to make a quick visit to Nana’s.  Lexi was very concerned about Mom’s knee.  Once I got home I tried to get a few pictures but with so many of us in the house, it was even harder than usual.  Hopefully a few of these pictures can show how cute the Ruffle Butt outfit is! Oh, and Daddy brought home Lexi a lunch bag for “skool”.  Lexi is in HEAVEN with both Mommy and Daddy AND Grandma and Ye Ye to spend all her time with!

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Mike and Rhonda said...

She is simply beautiful!