Sunday, August 01, 2010

Waitin’ for Grandma and Ye Ye

Our little Lj is in for a rare treat!  As I sit here Lexi just said, “Ni Hao, Ye Ye!”.  Geoff’s parents are coming in this morning again and THIS time they will be here for a week!  Mom is having knee surgery tomorrow and although they told her that she would be right back on her feet within days, we asked Geoff’s parents if they would come keep Lexi next week since it is my first week back to work.  I don’t want to rush my Mom’s recovery and thought it would be a great opportunity for Lexi to spend more than just a few days with her Virginia Grandparents.  They were here last weekend for a short visit for the re-adoption.  During that time, Geoff taught Lexi to go from calling both of them “Grandma” to “Ye Ye” (Chinese for Grandpa).  It we so cute!  Lexi loves her grandparents but when Ye Ye is around she tends to spend most of her time getting 100% attention from him.  She knows how to work it!  I’m hoping that with a whole week, she’ll not feel the urgency to have his attention 100% of the time and give Grandma some special time. But it’s kind of just like it is here… Daddy gets all the excitement and Mama is in charge of the sensible stuff.  I guess that’s parenting. 

july 492

This picture was taken after Lexi arrived home from church last Sunday.  She was needing a nap.  This was the first time Ye Ye has rocked her to sleep.  Now that we feel so deeply bonded with Lexi it is easy to turn loose and let others do things for her.  It’s really a great feeling to know that we are bonded as a family.  It was real work but sooooooo worth it!

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