Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love Being a Mom!

Lexi brings so much joy to our life!  I never knew how much I missed having a little girl (Sara DID just have to grow up!) until we finally got her.  Well, today was her second day of preschool.  I met Mom up there to show her around and go through the drop off routine.  Of course I had to snap a few pictures! 

I was very proud of Lexi because she was one of the few not crying when we left.  She LOVES school! 

Aug 139

Aug 140

Aug 142

Aug 141

Oh and I loved seeing her paper from the other day hanging up.  I guess this is the one she was telling us about when she used markers and stickers!  I wish I could take her every day!! 

On the way in I spotted Jade.  He’s  in the 3 year old class and is the son of two of our teachers at my school.  This child is the brightest 3 year old I’ve even seen.  On his first day in the 3 year old class he learned to count to ten in Spanish!  The things he does just amazes me! He’s also the first boy that kisses Lexi on the lips!  He kissed her at the library last summer.  I think he and Lexi would make quite the pair!  I snapped a photo of him too… wearing his rain boots!  Now doesn’t that sound just like something Lexi would do?  It’s probably only a matter of time before she wears hers and who knows it may also have a tutu with it! 

Aug 136

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