Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Make-over Surprise!

We were off from work another day today for President's Day.   Lj and I headed to Savannah to do a little bargain shopping and lunch with Daddy.  While we were gone, the Blog-Fairy (Dear Friend Melissa) did us a very needed update on Lexi's blog!  I love the new look and the precious pictures! 

Thank you Melissa... for EVERYTHING!  You are the best and I really hope you will begin your next career in graphic design and photography!  You have a gift and are amazing!  And I am blessed to call you a really wonderful TRUE friend!

Much love,

And P.S.  The photo with the pale pink Baby Gap dress... she wore it for the first time last Friday... and every since, it has been bed-time attire.  We have washed it but she just LOVES it so much she will not go to bed without it. She loves her "pretty dress".  (It's really not that cute but for some reason, she thinks it is amazing!)  Good gracious... I really have no idea how "princesses" are born!  We had nothing to do with this!  It's all Lexi.... the Princess entitled but yet tom-boy go-cart, ball throwing, outdoor little gal... She's definitely all Lexi... all her own!  But yet, all ours and we love her so!


Lisa~~ said...

Great new look and beautiful pictures!

Tracy said...

Very cute...I love it!!

sfennell said...

She is a mighty great fairy! I love the pics.