Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sickly Runny Nose

Last week, Lexi had a viral infection.  She ran fever for 5 days and had this awful runny nose along with congested coughing and sneezing.  After a few days, I got my own version of it but it was more of a stomach virus.  Together we made one sick person!  I missed a few days of work and Lexi missed all three days of her preschool.  Sadly, it was the last week Ms. Aida (her teacher’s helper) was there.  Lexi loves her and mentions her every day now that she is no longer there.  I was especially touched to find a note that she wrote to Lexi in her Valentine’s Party bag.  I will keep it for her forever.

One afternoon when I got her home, I brought her some new books that came with puzzles and she sat in the floor while I cooked dinner and put one of them together.  Ignore the messy hair, Oreo mouth and the runny nose.  It has been a fixture in Lexi’s life since she began preschool.  I guess that is what happens when you are around lots of other runny noses all the time! And the hair… that is a new thing.  She is taking to the hair bows less and less even though she is still a toddler diva only wanting to dress in dresses ALL the time!  I did add the bow after I began to take pictures but had to bribe her to get photos! 

Feb. 023

Feb. 024

Feb. 029

Feb. 031

Feb. 033

I love those little fingers and love to watch them work!  She is a great puzzle solver! 


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sfennell said...

Wanda...I LOVE that outfit! She is super cute in it.