Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Family Day Anniversary to US!

Today gives us one really good reason to blog… to remember and document moments in time of our lives.  Of course as today dawned Geoff and I were reminded of a momentous day in our life together… our FAMILY DAY in China two years ago.  It is hard to believe that just “moments in time ago” we saw our precious Lexi in person and were joined as a family.  The day has been full of memories and I found myself even missing the time we were in China.  I find myself so grateful and so prayerful for Lexi’s birthmother.  She gave us the greatest gift she ever could.  I hope and pray that she is at peace and knows that her darling little one is safe and in good hands.

When I think of Lexi, I think of God blessing our family in so many ways!  He not only gave Geoff and I a gift beyond measure, he blessed everyone who has and will come in contact with our darling daughter.  Although I may not always show it, I really and truly believe that Lexi is a gift from God to all who know us, especially our close family.  Many people that we know look back and think of her when we first brought her home and say things like “when we first got her…”  and I just know that she is a precious gift to all of us.

So tonight I think back to two years ago walking into that room in China and seeing our sweetie for the first time sitting in an unfamiliar Nanny’s lap looking scared as she could be and my reaction that she WAS REAL!  The picture we had gotten from the agency was really REAL and there she was and she WAS OURS!  Then the rest was just surreal.  We met her, held her, talked to the Nanny through the guide and then suddenly, we were in the midst of craziness!  We went to the Chinese version of a Super Wal Mart to buy food, diapers, and a stroller for her and then walked across the street and ordered a Papa John’s Pizza!  Talk about surreal! 

So in honor of our family history, I must post (repost old photos and new photos)….

Family Day 2009..

Feb 22 LJ Day 032

Family Day 2010…

LJ 132_thumb[13]

2011…. (surely this is not the same girl!… disregard the spilled milk on the dress!")

Feb. 068

Feb. 071

The Lexi popsicle!  Crazy little girl!

Feb. 077


Feb. 078


 Feb. 079

The Lexi looking back at “little Lexi in China”. 

I can’t tell anyone how many times people have told us that Lexi is lucky to have us.  Each time someone tells us this I tell them that we are the lucky ones.  Truth be known none of us are “lucky”. .. We are blessed.  We are blessed that God chose us to be Lexi’s parents… God chose our families to be Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, sisters, brother in laws, nephews, great grand-parents, and even “adopted” aunties and uncles.  Everyone who enters into the life of Lexi is blessed and meant to be.  And watching her profound effect on others brings joy to our lives.  I look forward to the many years in front of us watching our daughter grow and develop into a beautiful confident young woman. And trust me… she has a head start!  Strong willed and confident only can begin to describe her!

I love you Lexi Jayne!  You are a miracle in our lives and we love you beyond words!


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