Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parsley in the nose Grossness

Pardon me for posting too much tonight… I’ve been a slacker and am trying to catch up with February pictures.

I took these pictures last night while Lj and I had dinner.  I have been on a cooking new recipes kick and last night decided to make Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi and Sesame Noodles for dinner with garlic toast.  The recipes turned out great but of course, Lj only wanted to eat the toast.  She is discriminating though and only wanted the inside with no crust…  (I on the other hand loved it all… a little too much and must get off this cooking kick before I regain my 30 lbs back!)

Feb. 063

Feb. 065

Love those pony tails!  She requested them herself from Mom.  I love her hair but have to admit that I miss her shorter hair.  If she didn’t want a big pony tail in the “back” I’d have Cheryl trim her hair back to a bob.   

Feb. 066

Don’t ya just love the parsley in the nostril?   Nice!  And I hate to admit it, I’m still missing those two teeth that she knocked out last month.  She is still as cute as a June bug but I miss those pearly whites!  But in the end, who could resist this darling little face!

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