Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Spring-like Saturday Family Fun!

Yesterday was so much fun visiting with Melissa and Matt that I decided that it would be fun to spend an afternoon… well at least part of one with Sara and the boys.  Lexi LOVES Brennen… (and Christopher too!) and as soon as I told her we would be going to visit them she never let a moment slip without asking WHEN we could leave.  We had a mid-tax season treat this morning of Daddy sleeping in and having breakfast with us before heading out for his day at work.  It was soooooo nice to have family cuddle time first thing this morning.  But after he left we headed to Sara and Chris’s place. 
I took photos of the kids throughout the day… it was so funny and as the day unfolded, I stayed longer and longer until both Lj and I were both exhausted even though she cried as we left… she wanted her Brennen!
Feb 029
A quick-study from Matt-Matt yesterday, Lexi was loving some Power Wheels… and again is practicing the new speech to YeYe… “YeYe… I need a Go-Cart!”  I have to admit she could use some driving lessons!
Feb 034
Feb 052
The 3-Amigos with Lexi’s Sissy Sara… Brennen looking so cute in his new hair do… he looks even more like his Daddy!
Then began the afternoon drama… when we arrived the vice president of Chris’s company and one of the engineers were there being tough guys with chain saws taking down a few trees in their yard where they plan to build in the future.  As I drove up, they were dropping a big tree where they would relocate.  We watched them work and work taking the tree apart for fire wood and then as we played with the kids they began working on a  particularly tough tree near the trailer.  If it were to fall the wrong way, it would take out the bedroom, master bath and part of the kitchen!  They were confident and began.  I was amazed as I watched my son-in-law scoot up a tree to tie a rope high up to control the tree.  What we did not expect came later…
Feb 062
Feb 087
Feb 103
Here is Chris driving the tractor trying to pull the tree over… it was a tough one though and just made him spin his wheels!  At this point the tree was cut to fall but was leaning to the trailer… so no one could go inside and we all began to worry.   Thankfully, they have insurance! 
Feb 104
The “pecking” order… Brennen… Lexi… CE!  running down the road as we stayed out of the way of the tree cutting!
Feb 107
Miranda (3 1/2 and Chris’s brother’s little girl) deciding that Lexi was okay so she gave her a kiss.  It was sweet!Feb 108
Then Sara rescued the potty from the house and low and behold all of the kids had to go potty outside!  (Sorry Bren, I only got one shot and YOU were the one!
In the meantime… Chris calls in the professionals and they arrive to save the day. 
Feb 109
Feb 112
Feb 118
Only when I knew they would be safe could I go home.  I have to give out a shout out to Rick’s Tree Service for coming so quickly and not charging them an arm and a leg for a Saturday emergency service.  They barely made enough money for their service! 
Afterwards we left, but Lj was NOT happy about leaving her Brennen.  She cried until she fell asleep and then awoke once home to cry again for him.  She was a bear for the second night in a row of no nap!  Geoff came home a rescued me from whiney Lj and cooked dinner.  I was extra happy when he fixed me Geoff’s Outback Style Fresh Green beans!  Yummy!
Feb 120
and then… Lj fell asleep in her Daddy’s lap… so precious!  In the past few days we have learned, she can play with the best of the boys and come home and dress and be a pretty princess still insisting on sleeping in dresses!
Good-night, Princess Lexi Jayne!  Sleep tight!

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mhsands said...

Matthew's Grandma bought him his first ride-on when he was a little younger than Lexi and it was the best thing ever for him. Maybe Lexi can give her Grandma some extra special sugar to get her her 1st set of wheels! :)