Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foto Fun Friday with Friends!

We’ve had some really busy days the past two days! Yesterday we had a school holiday and Lj and I had hair appointments near Melissa so I twisted her arm (it was really a tough job!) to let me and Lj come by and take some photos afterwards.  We ended up staying all afternoon and into early evening and had a blast taking pictures (well…. she did the taking!) all over the place.  I had asked her to take some 3 year old pictures of Lj because she takes such awesome pictures of Matt.  I even told her she could launch her photography career with Lexi’s photo shoot.  She does not give herself enough credit for her skills.  I have seen the photos at a quick glance but can’t wait to see the finished product.  Her blog and Facebook hints are amazing.  Lexi fell in LUV with Matt-Matt and was at his beck and call.  I only can wish she would listen to us as much as she did Matt-Matt!  She even told him she would be coming back to see him today.  It was too stinkin’ cute when on the last photos she took, Matt said “she could be my sister!”.  Coming from an only child and a boy of his age it was too cute!  He even took us for a ride on the Mule before we left.  She now wants a go-cart because Matt-Matt took her for a ride on his.  It was a fun-filled day with two very extra special precious kids!  I’d gladly take Matt-Matt as Lexi’s big-brother. 

And I surely love my dear friend Melissa and her kind heart. 


This precious little dress was a birthday gift from another extra special friend, Sharon.  I love it!!  It’s my new favorite on Lj.   She looks so grown in this picture…. where did our baby go! 

And here are some with Matt-Matt!  I can’t wait to see the rest!  I “stole” these from Melissa’s blog!  Okay… so we have the two most precious kids in the world…. no debating allowed!




I love this picture of Lj and Matt running off to play hide and go seek… although it gives me visions of her running off to get married one day!  Oh, yikes! 

And Lexi is now practicing her next conversation with YeYe… “ YeYe, I want a g0-cart!” 

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mhsands said...

Oh my goodness... thanks Wanda! LJ did such a super job with her first modeling session! We (yes, and that includes Matt-Matt) LOVED having you over (didn't even worry about my nasty house not once)!

I love, love, love this pic of Lexi. Just can't say it enough... LoVE! Flows from my minimalist self!

Thanks for visiting and all the push! :)