Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aunt Lexi, Granny Smith and Carlos!

Oh, my gosh... what news I have to today! Geoff and I are going to be GRANDPARENTS! Sara is 5 weeks pregnant! I attended the Ga Technology Conference this week in Atlanta and when I came home last night Sara was waiting at the house. She had a gift bag on the table for us and I thought nothing of it because she so often does sweet little things for us and others. I figured she had found another little gift for us for Lexi. Well, I have to say... I had a totally blonde moment! I opened the card that was shaped like a baby outfit and inside it said "Congratulations!" Love, Sara and Chris. Okay... then on to the bag. There were two little bibs inside. I was like, "oh, I love bibs!". They said "I love my Grandma" and "I love my Grandpa". This totally threw me off guard. I got silent and the thoughts running through my head were... "I'm not going to be Lexi's grandma... how confused is my child giving me this?????" Then it sunk in after the blonde met the highlights! I turned to Sara and said, "Are you pregnant?" Of course, the answer is YES! Geoff told her he needed proof, so she runs out and gets the paper with the results. I almost cried! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom again and a grandmother too! When Lexi gets here, she will already be an aunt! How funny is that!

We were sitting around the table later on and Geoff laughs and says, "YOU'RE going to be GRANNY SMITH!"... now that earlier post certainly came back to bite me in the butt! Then he says very seriously, "I'm going to be Carlos. That was what they called me in Spanish class in high school." I'm married to a nut I tell you! Later on he told me that he has to dye his hair now. I thought he was talking about covering the gray now that he will have the "Grand" title but no... he said he needed to be ALL gray since he was going to be a granddad.

I'm going to have to start another blog ... I've taken a couple of shots of her skinny self and of course, I want to remember every moment of this experience.

I've been concerned that our adoption paperwork is taking too long. I wanted to go to China next June or July. I've been complaining that it seems more realistic that it will be August or September. Well, with a due date of July 16th, I'll be upset if I am gone. I must be there for the birth of my grandchild. I'm so torn because, I want Lexi... I wanted her 4 months ago! But I can't miss this time in Sara's life too. You know, when I got pregnant with her at 19, I was thrilled and excited to be a young mom because I'd still be young when she was in her 20's. I realized later in life that to a child, your parents are always "old". Now, I'll be an older mom and young grandma all at the same time. I guess now I have a reason to be more patient and hopefully it will work out just fine. Life can be so much fun now can't it!


Diane said...

Well, well, it looks as though I will have to come up with another name for Lexi to call this grandmother since Granny Smith is now taken!!

Sara and Chris congradulations! This sure does seem to fit right in with all the changes that are happening to this family. A new daughter in law from Russia, a grandchild from China and now my son will become a grandfather before I become a grandmother.

And Wanda, your only worry last week was how your father in law would be dressing Lexi!

kelly bitzer said...

congraulations wanda you will soon realize that a grandchild is more precious than your own child could ever be,coming from a proud grandma,nan.I never realized I could love a child more or in a different way than I love my own children.I am looking forward to the blessing you and geoffe have as new grandparents.I am also looking forward too my new niece lexi. I truely beleive god will bless both my niece and my nieces child.congratulations again too both of you. ps I have started going back to church after the many years of not going because I somehow shut myself off after shanes abuse of church. I now feel I am home again in my relationship with the god I was raised with. Chris says he is going to go to church with me, please pray for our family because you know the devil will be fighting us and fighting chrises salvation.
love shirley

kelly bitzer said...

tylers birthday is july 18 its gonna be ironic it will be if these grandchildren our born three days apart like our daughters.
love shirley