Monday, November 21, 2005

Patience is relevant!

Patience seems to be a word that reoccurs over and over in my lifetime. When I was old enough to babysit, my mom discovered that I had very little of it. I'd go off to babysit and quickly end up calling her to come help me. When I decided to become a teacher, I prayed for patience to help me deal with my students. Over the years, I have developed patience in certain areas. I'm a very patient teacher with my students. I'm NOT a very patient consumer when I have to wait and wait in a very long WalMart or Kroger line just because the management doesn't have enough employees working. I mean afterall, I am trying to give them my money. I AM very patient with Geoff and his lack of filing ability although he promises me he will do better every time I take the notion to clean up his piles of papers. I am finding that even though I WANT to be patient with the adoption process, I AM NOT. I find it very annoying knowing that there are so many babies over there waiting for families and yet there is this long bureaucratic paper-trail. Today I decided to help myself see our progress by making a timeline of our adoption process. This did help because I saw all the things we HAVE done in the past 4 months. I may have a few dates off by a day or so but most of it is pretty complete.

And then today as I wasted some down time I found an article of a little girl named Kaitlyn. She was adopted just this past June from China. Her mom was arrested for child abuse last Friday. It is people like this that make the waiting necessary even though they do fall through the cracks. I pray that this incident doesn't have a negative effect on the adoption community. I also pray for this little child and those who are caring for her.

Kaitlyn's Story

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