Saturday, November 12, 2005


Amist all the excitement last night, my sister Carolyn dropped by with a very special gift. This handmade artwork by a man named Larry Meyer out of Terra Ceia, Fla. It has an ancient version of the Chinese symbol for Love on it. The card that came with it says...

"The character for the Love that one person feels for another suggests that although the word is now used as freely in China as everywhere, love was once considered a highly spiritual emotion. some sages believed it to be a from of giving that should be extended to the society at large, as well as to intimates. In the center, the "heart" pictogram, :above and below, the characters for "breath" and "graceful movement". Love, therefore, can be seen as a kind of inspiration. It breathes life into the heart, and brings grace to the body."

Thank you Carolyn, for such a thoughtful meaningful gift.

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