Sunday, November 20, 2005

Waiting and Waiting Some More

(Tonight we will use a different color and font, perhaps only Wanda can appreciate this.)

I would say things have been progressing on my end of the baby journey, but I am in the same boat as Wanda. The paperwork has been sent and now we are waiting once again. Of course as you go back and read all of the paperwork we were given at the beginning again, it seems as if we should have sent off the I600-A form at the very beginning. A misunderstanding between me and the paperwork or me and CWA evidently prevented this from happening. Not much we can do now, but I believe Wanda is determined that when our application finally is approved we not have to wait for anything else to be completed. Tomorrow it is off to the Probate Court to get a copy of the marriage certificate. Then this weekend a story of why we want to adopt, you would think that it wouldn't be hard to write but it is. Then copies of our local police records and employment letters. And after that all the paperwork will be in place, waiting on the visa approval, and ready to be sent to various locations to be certified. Patience, Patience, Patience........................................

I did have a surprise I was going to get Wanda for Christmas. She told me she wanted to get Lexi's name written in Chinese to put in her room. Searching around one Sunday night I found a gallery and artist in Connecticut that would be able to prepare the "artwork" for us. I provided all the information to them about what we wanted. The following Monday, I had a voicemail waiting for me at the house... the artist had passed away the night before I place my order. I have yet to be able to find another place that will prepare what we are looking for.

I didn't tell Wanda this one, but I found a place on the internet that had chinese jewelry. I found a pendant that had mother and daughter written in Chinese. I decided I would order it and purchase a necklace for it in town. I received an email from them letting me know the pendant was on backorder... until October 2006! They suggested I find something else to purchase instead. I believe I will.

Good news though, the Baby Bjorn came in this week. I was getting a little nervous because it was taking so long. But I have already figured it out.. just need something to carry around in it. In addition, I made my way back to Sunday school for the first time since the "incident". I am happy to report, no such problems today. I just might go back again next week.

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