Monday, July 03, 2006

Finally July... (come quickly March '07)

I may just like Wal Mart afterall. As much as I dislike our visits to our local Wally-World, I may just appreciate the place while in China. I've been reading some blogs about fellow CWA clients in China as we "speak". They all seem to go to Wal-Mart! It does appear that Wally-World is different in China including items such as Tiger-paws and octupus. Ugh.... it is comforting that we will at least have a familiar place to shop for clothes that fit and a nearby McDonalds. At this point, I'd prefer to be able to fast-forward to March to our referral date and be preparing to travel. It will come. As July comes, I can only think that on this date one year ago, I wouldn't even think about international adoption. Talk about eating crow!! That's me!! And at this point, I'll accept the role. I now know that our daughter is in China, waiting for us to come take care of her. Each night as I go to bed, I pray for her, her mother, and then for the time when we can finally meet her. I honestly know that this time next year, we will be showering our daughter with our endless affection. That's really a comforting feeling. (Sleep well, little Lexi... we're coming as fast as we can! And I love you sooooo much it hurts!!! I'll love you forever! Mommy)

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