Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What it takes to get my husband to use Lysol...

My bathroom smells very fresh tonight. VERY FRESH!! Being the one who cleans the most around the house, I do not notice the fresh smell when I clean. Well, tonight, my bathroom smells clean and fresh and it is NOT due to me. Here's the story:

About an hour ago, I am sitting in the living room watching tv, checking email, etc... Then I hear, "Wanda, can you come here for a second??". I don't usually get this kind of request so I got up and walked toward the master bath. As I approached I asked Geoff what he wanted... then he asks me if we have any spider spray or any other kind of spray that he could use. I asked him if there was a spider in the bathroom and he said, "you can either get me some spray or YOU can watch this spider while I look... you may not want to look because it's HUGE!!". He also informs me that just a few moments before when I used our bathroom, it was there! Agh... did you know that I HATE spiders!! Spiders rank right up there with snakes! Yuck!!

Anyhow, I found some flying insect spray but no spider spray. So I gave it to him. I told him to apply the spray so that the spider would flee toward our sunken tub and not toward him. It worked but only seemed to annoy this enormous spider! Then I suggested that maybe I should have brought the Clorox Cleanup instead. He looked in the closet and found the Lysol bathroom spray and sprayed it on the spider and low and behold... the spider fell over and curled up! Geoff scooped it up (it was really HUGE!!) and now it's in the trash in a zip-loc bag! TAKE THAT BIG OLE UGLY BLACK SPIDER!

The end result is that my bathroom smells totally fresh even though it has NOT been cleaned and in the 7 years we have been married, Geoff finally used some Lysol bathroom cleaner! Yea ME!!

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Stephe said...

Wanda, you crack me up! Now all I have to do is fedex a couple of spiders to you every week and consider him trained!! LOL.