Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stars, dresses, horses, and bunnies - Oh MY!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday. I can count on time just passing super quickly now that my summer vacation is almost over. I got the dreaded "It's almost time to come back to school" letter today. It never fails, these letters come wayyyyy to quickly! Whatever happened to 3 months off for teachers???

Well, in the "Waiting for Lexi Saga", I accomplished a few things today and added a few unnecessary, YET FUN, things for her. I made a trip back to St. Simons to the quilt shop today. Mom has been sewing meticulously and could now determine how much fabric the quilt needed for the backing. So I went back for some fabric that I totally fell in love with last time. Let me digress... once it was determined that the quilt would NOT fit a double bed without looking silly, my dear sweet mother went on a mission to add some squares. Within a couple of days, she has sewn enough more squares to go across the top and down one side again. She used some left over fabric for some of the squares (meaning, some people will have their fabric in more than one spot and for the rest, she is counting them as hers. Given the time, devotion and quest for perfection... I think she can do that!). So, low and behold, Lexi will have a full size quilt. The fabric I chose for the back was pastel colored stars. I felt this was perfect for a quilt of good wishes!

Mom is going to SC next week to join her 3 sisters. Together, they will hand stitch the quilting. I have no idea how this works! I will be going up for a couple of days to document it and just maybe learn a thing or two.

After leaving the quilt shop, I couldn't help but stop by this Children's shop called "Baily's Boys". St. Simons is full of little boutiques with unusual items. Well, they were having a 40% sale... you know what that means! Lexi Jayne has a new dress! I was thinking about the clothing we have purchased for her. Geoff tends to pick out the fun everyday clothes and I on the other hand choose the cute little dresses. I thought I had bought a lot but really I've only bought 4 total. That's really not bad. This one was too cute to pass up.

I also bought her this little stuffed horse. Sable is so jealous! She would just love to lick it and pull it's hair out. This horse is even softer than the little pink puppy Geoff bought her months ago!

And I bought Lexi this cute little bunny pillow. I can just imagine she will enjoy this pillow for many years to come. I don't know why exactly, but shopping for Lexi is so much more fun than shopping for me.

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