Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth! / Check this out!!!

Happy Fourth of July!! (A day late... our internet was down last night.) We went to my parent's house today for a cookout with most of the family that live here near town. It was delicious! After lunch, my mom, Carolyn, and I laid out the squares for the quilt. Mom is ready to begin sewing the border onto the squares. I've known all along that this quilt is going to be precious but we could really get a feel for what the finished quilt will look like. The first picture shows all the squares arranged in the order they will be sewn.

Here is a sample of what the quilt will look like with the background and the borders. The length of the pink gingham will depend on how long we need it to be on her double bed.

Within a few hours of getting home yesterday, Mom called to say that she had already sewn some of the green background to some squares. This is getting soooo exciting! I haven't scrapbooked any wishes in a while so this just makes me want to get busy on it again and finish it! I had to order a second Creative Memories book to put the wishes in. It's turning out to be a 2 volume set!

We're also very excited that we are finally finished with the nursery. I'm going to post pictures later. Hopefully, I'll have a new "Nursery" section on the blog very soon.

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Stephe said...

The quilt is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!