Monday, July 17, 2006

Sometimes I absolutely HATE blogger and DSL! Tonight is one of them. I just finished typing a post that I've needed to do for a week now and low and behold when I uploaded it... gone into cyberspace-can't-be-displayed-neverland!!!

I'm trying to get a bunch of things wrapped up before I head up to SC tomorrow. Mom left today after the funeral of one of our oldest dearest family friends. (We love you and will miss you Ms. Betty!) I'm going up tomorrow to join mom and her 3 sisters (Aunt Alice, Louise, and Lucille) as they begin hand stitching the quilt. I'm trying to bake a cake to take... cause what else can I do but help feed them! I only WISH I was talented enough to make a quilt! I've still got to pack and hopefully get some sleep tonight so that I can drive in the morning. As an insomniac, I tend to have NO trouble at all sleeping while I drive! Last night it was 4 AM before I drifted off. And what happens but some kind of glitch that will make me repost!! So here I am trying again, just to see if I CAN post... and complaining a bit while I'm at it!!

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