Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just for you Kelly!

I haven't even tried to post all of my scrapbook pages even though, I am thinking of creating a link on the side bar to share some of my creations. However my niece, Kelly, has been dying to see her page. Well, I've been feeling under the weather today and decided to scrapbook. I made a double layout for wishes from Sara and Chris, my sister Shirley and her Chris, Kelly and Kim and Alyson. So Kelly.... check these out! I hope you like your page.

I've really run out of wishes to do. I've now got a pile of fabric pieces from a couple of people that I think I can still get their wish. And then I have the pile of pieces that I don't really think I will be sucessful. These I'm thinking of doing a double layout titled "Wishes in their hearts..." I don't want to leave them out, but also don't want to write their wish. Some people just didn't get the 100 Good wishes quilt idea but yet they wanted to participate. The quilt has 63 squares. That's enough for 126 people. We really only got fabric from around 108 people... I think! It got hard to keep up with. I've still got to double check. It's turning out awesome. So is the Wish Book. Mom sewed all the green around the squares. It's turning out to be a bit smaller than we wanted but I keep telling mom I don't care. It's the thoughts, time, and patience that have gone into it. If it won't cover her double bed enough to be used as a "comforter", she can still use it for warmth or she can use it on her toddler bed.

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