Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are You Chinese?

I’ve said many times lately to friends that I thought Lexi was confused.  She likes Mexican food better than Chinese food and prefers Dora to Ni Hao Kai Lan.  I still make this post in jest because Lexi just knows she is Lexi.  She is not old enough to understand her heritage.  She sees the world as Lexi’s World and that’s okay with us. Well, today Mom and Dad had to go into Savannah for an appointment.  They ended up eating lunch at a Japanese Restaurant where one of the men working there TOLD Mom… “she IS Chinese”. Mom said, “yes” and he continued and asked her where she was from.  Mom got a kick out of it.  So tonight at dinner as we tried to make conversation with Lexi, I told Geoff the story and then we asked Lexi if she was Chinese.  We both about lost our laughter when she promptly said “NO!” and then covered her ears!  I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.  Of course she has no idea what she is really saying and we in no way will ever bring her up to not appreciate her Chinese heritage but tonight in this setting, it was so cute and funny. I am so thankful that Geoff and I waited the wait for our dear Lexi.  She is a Chinese beauty and has made our family whole.  What a blessing she is for us!

April Lj 016