Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mission Impossible

Mission:  Clean the Great room and kitchen floors

Now here it is 7:45 and finally accomplished!  I guess I should clarify that I began about 9:30 am. Parenthood really changes you.  I used to be a borderline neat-freak.  Not so much anymore although I can never say I’m free of those little “impulses” to clean and straighten.  Today I was planning to go with Sara, Lexi and the grandsons to a “jumpy” place in Savannah but I was just too tired!  Why?  Why? I’m on Spring Break.  Why am I so tired?  My first answer is “HIGH FIVE” to all SAHM’s!  And add to that, I’ve been pretty much a SINGLE SAHM all week!  Geoff has not seen Lexi since lunch on Tuesday.  That seems like a long time to me!

Sara did bring over the boys and I ended up babysitting Brennen while she took CE to the doctor with a fever that he has had for 3 days.  I guess that’s why my accomplishment of getting clean floors is even MORE impressive!  I had to do it in stages… one section at a time.  Finally with the help of “Caillou” I DID IT!

Here’s floor enemy #1 …. (and honestly I mean this in a totally humorous way!)

April Lj 509

And floor enemy #2 …

April Lj 678

And Mission Accomplished! 

April Lj 676

Now back to last night’s wish to post about Easter… Mission NOT Accomplished!  April 15th has never been THIS anticipated!

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sfennell said...

This is totally motivating me...I have everything picked up, laundry done and I even dusted but I just can't seem to get the energy to mop..but sine our talk about "the mission impossible" and I see you accomplished it I will get to it. Lexi is really getting a lot of hair now..I love that little face!