Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool! That’s ME!

Who knew???? 

April Lj 001

Lexi could turn that little lock….

April Lj 003

and lock ME out of the house!  Thankfully, I had my cell phone outside and never had to leave her sight!  We were doing our usual afternoon play outside and Lexi decided to go inside.  I told her that I would be right behind her.  Well… I was but by then she had locked the door and shut it.  No amount of coaching could get her to twist the lock again!!  However, she was very kind and kept shouting “Come on in!!”.  She made herself comfy and turned on the TV, got her blanket and settled down by the door.  I on the other hand couldn’t do a thing but wait for Nana to come and save the day with the keys to the front door!  Now don’t I feel like an A1 April Fool!  LOL! 

P.S. This photo is a reenactment.  Believe it or not I didn’t have the camera with me!  And those scratches on the door are from Sable who is always scratching to go in… well, Sable very smartly was INSIDE with Lexi! 

P.S.S. A key will be hidden outside very soon!