Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puddle Jumping or Puddle Making??

I can’t do ANYTHING anymore without HELP from Lexi.  Yesterday some of my plants needed watering and of course, I couldn’t do it alone!  After the plants were watered she got a little carried away.  (And this just leads me to think of the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” …. where would we end up??)  We ended up getting out her rain boots for her jump in the puddles.  Let me just say, Little Miss Lj was in heaven!  There will be no worries here that my girl will love dirt, flowers, and critters as much as I do. The only problem is that I’m slowly losing ALL my space for plants!  I’m not sure where I will manage to put all my milkweed this summer! But I do know ONE thing!  I’ll have someone to help me water them!


April Lj 037

 April Lj 036

April Lj 038

Ummm…. does Sable need watering??  And how much more will our water bill go up this summer??  I’ll be taking donations to help pay the bill!  LOL!


sfennell said...

I'm surprised Sable didn't run for the hills!

mhsands said...

Wondering if those rain boots come in Lissa size?