Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Break Busyness

I hate it when I get behind in blogging.  The weekend was super busy with Easter plans and Grandma and Grandpa S. visiting.  I will blog with pictures hopefully tomorrow.  Just downloading them took forever! 

Lexi and I were going to take a road trip this week but I decided not to go after all for many reasons. I needed to let her settle back into a routine after the busy weekend and get her sleeping normally again.  I’ve been taking pictures but not taking time to blog because Geoff is working late hours and it’s pretty much been me and Lj doing mostly whatever she wants.  So here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to…

Monday:  watering plants and swinging for what seems forever!

April Lj 610

Tuesday: After a really slow start due to Lexi not sleeping well, we got going and decided to join Daddy for lunch since he was going to be working late.Of course I love dressing her up to go see her Daddy at the office.

April Lj 616 

Look at this happy little Daddy’s girl.

April Lj 624

After we got home, we went out and played until almost dark.  The picture below is my lame attempt to bribe Lexi to smile right at the camera in return for a long swing… needless to say, she did say “cheese” for me but wouldn’t look.

April Lj 632

This swinging is serious business!

April Lj 638


Wednesday (today) … We had another lunch date and this time went to have lunch with Aunt Carolyn.  Lexi charmed all the people working around Carolyn and then everyone else she came in contact with. Afterwards, I decided to take her for a little playtime at St. Simons Beach.  It was windy but nice.  We didn’t have swim suits but I did have play toys.  We just hung out for a little over an hour and then headed out. I couldn’t believe how crowded the beach was.  I guess lots of people are on Spring Break.

April Lj 658 April Lj 671 April Lj 672

April Lj 659 April Lj 664

As many times as I’ve been to the beach in my life, I’ve never seen the amount of those tiny little shells that we saw today.  They were everywhere!  These pictures are of the tiny shells not sand!  It was pretty incredible!  I loved the smell of the beach today, the clean sunlight, breeze and even the smell of sunscreen.  I can’t wait until we go on vacation in June! 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring as we try to stay busy while Daddy works hard to finish tax season.  Whatever it is, there will be pictures!


mhsands said...

Great pics! I think we are going to the beach tomorrow... we'll c...

Tracy said...

Looks like fun!!

林淑凡 said...

信心是命運的主宰!! trust yourself!!! ....................................................

sfennell said...

Love the pics...wasn't the beach great and I agree I have never seen so many shells!?

John and Dell said...

I swear, Wanda, she just gets cuter every day!!!!! She is just a precious thing!!!! I can also "see" her personality now more and more in your pics!!!! Don't you just LOVE spring break!?!?!?! I can't believe it is almost over...:(