Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing With Easter Pictures

It’s hard when you have almost 300 pictures for one weekend.  I decided to rely on some Quick Pages from Just So Scrappy to help me get some pictures posted. Our Easter was a lot of fun this year!  Lexi and I made the Sunflower cake out of Peeps again this year.  Then the Saturday before Easter, Geoff’s parents came to visit and went with us to an Easter Egg Hunt.  Lexi had a blast!  Later on that day, I had my family join us for an Easter Dinner and an Egg Hunt for the kids. Lexi was really into the egg hunting by then! Before bed that night, she put out carrots for the Easter Bunny and low and behold he brought her a basket of goodies!  Lexi went to church for the first time with all 4 Grandparents.  Grandma S. smocked her a dress with cute little bunnies on it and Aunt Carolyn made her a bow to match.  She was a precious sight. Lexi is very, very loved! I’m sure I’ll be posting more details and more photos as I find time. 

SD_CottonTail_FreebieQP2_Lella mine copy

SD_CottonTail_FreebieQP_Lella copy

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Carolyn Smiley said...

Love the dress! but what's up with the sleeves...........