Friday, April 09, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

Where did the last week go?  How can it be that today was the last day of Spring Break?  Honestly, I think routine is great but still I look forward to 2 months of summer vacation!  We have 5 weeks of  school to go! 

I totally enjoyed my last day of SB with Lexi.  We got a slow start mostly because of me.  Lexi is always ON!  This afternoon was so much fun.  I took advantage of the day alone with her and decided to try to make up for the lack of Easter photos.  I bathed and dressed her in her Easter Dress and began a photo shoot.  She did so well!  She even took my suggestions of posing certain ways!  (Am I finally getting a poser!??) We took pictures of her in the front of the house and on the side, in the backyard, and then inside.  I got some really cute pictures!  Afterwards, I redressed her and we headed out back for swinging.  We ended up at Mom and Dad’s and then Wal Mart.  Finally, back at home and began planting some flowers we bought at Wally World.  The messy girl arrived and we were in pure planting dirt messiness when Daddy came home!  She was eager to show her Daddy her new plants. It was fun tonight to watch her play with her Daddy and enjoy some really great Daddy/Daughter time together. 

We are counting down to April 15th…

As far as the 100+ pictures I have of today… I’ll try to get them posted to the Shutterfly site soon!  It may take awhile with our Internet speed!

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