Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peanuts with Papa

Yesterday, Lexi and I went to visit Nana and Papa.  She had not seen them since Sunday.  While I was there I got “let in” on a little secret.  Guess what’s going on in the swing in the backyard??

April Lj 809

Peanuts!  This is just one of the special little things Daddy does with Lexi.  They spend a lot of time swinging back there and Daddy keeps a jar of peanuts in the shop and they share them on the swing.

April Lj 806

Lexi was very happy to get to see Nana and Papa.  I think she will be glad to go back next week especially since the weather is good and she and Daddy can go for walks and then she can help them in the yard. 

April Lj 779

April Lj 802

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Carolyn Smiley said...

These are moments in her life that she will always remember. Daddy always was good at creating memories. The love the three of them feel shows in their faces!