Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daddy’s Little Helper

Daddy (and MOMMY!) finally has a little helper.  Mom’ s been telling me for weeks how they can’t  do anything in the yard without Lexi underfoot trying to help out.  Yesterday we picked up Brennen and had him stay for the first time all night since we brought Lexi home.  They had a ball and so did we despite the fact it was tiring!  Yesterday Geoff bought me new hedge trimmers and I went to work as the kids played.  So today Geoff had to get the trimmings out of the yard for the pickup tomorrow.  Lexi would have nothing to do with letting her Daddy work alone.  It was too cute to not photograph!

I have to start the pictures with this morning with Brennen and his bed-head.  I love this picture!

May 342

Lexi’s bed-head was not so dramatic.

May 343 

The best picture I could get before church of the two of them…

May 351

After church Lexi went to Nana’s and Brennen went home with Sara and Geoff and I took off to Savannah for a quick shopping trip and lunch alone with no kids! We had a great time but missed our Lj and still couldn’t keep our minds off of her.  We bought her two dresses and a pair of shorts and a top.  We’ve began to look for adjustable shorts because her waist is so tiny that most of the shorts we have bought fall off of her unless they have an adjustable waist. She needs the length of 18 to 24 months pants but the waist of 12 months.  It’s too hard to clothe this child!

On the way home she discovered our Micky-D Sweet Teas.  She kept saying “I like sweet tea!”.  (the red spot on her face is courtesy of a mosquito that hitched a ride in our car)

May 359

Then helping Daddy…

May 368


May 375

This one reminds me SO MUCH of me as a child… always on the heels of Daddy trying to do everything he was doing. 

 May 377

May 379

May 364

I have more pictures of Lj and Brennen and others from last week but it’s just been hard to keep up with the blog like I usually do.  Hopefully, I’ll get to post more soon. 

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