Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hunting Easter Eggs… ahhh,

No! Frogs??? Yes!  For some silly reason we kept finding toads today in the backyard.  Lexi loved it!  Once she saw one hopping under the porch door and then began this conversation:

Lexi:  Daddy, where froggie go?

Daddy: I don’t know.

Lexi: Maybe I can find it.

Daddy: Yes, look for it it in the porch.

Lexi: Daddy, there the frog!

It cracks me up how much she is communicating now.  Later on as Daddy went grocery shopping Lexi and I spied yet another toad.  She followed it and soon it reminded me of Easter egg hunting.  She really wanted to find the frog so we pretty much went with that. 

April Lj 123

April Lj 124

We totally enjoyed Lexi this weekend.  She amazes us each day!  The new night time routine is working and although we hate to see her grow up so suddenly, we are so proud of her! And look who got another 50 lbs of sand to spread around the back yard!

April Lj 120

April Lj 121

She’s a mommy’s girl for sure!

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Mike and Rhonda said...

Look at her! She is so beautiful.