Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time Goes By…

so quickly.  I can’t believe over a week has passed and I have been too busy to post.  I love Spring and am loving watching the world burst into color.  Lexi and I have more time to play outdoors as long as we can evade the mosquitoes.  I celebrated my birthday this week and of course I was so thankful to have Lexi to share it with.  She is talking SO much lately!  She can literally say anything she wants and most of the time we understand it.  She gave us the ultimate surprise later in the week when suddenly she can sing her ABC’s.  I have to get it on video!  It’s too cute! I never have no idea what she and Mom are up to!  The one really cool thing is how polite she is.  She tells people “Good Morning!”, “Thank you” for holding the door for us and for any other nice things they do.  It’s amazing to hear such a sweet polite baby!  She even says “thank you, mam”.  I know it’s because we talk to her this way but I still can’t get over how cute it is.

Last night, we began to put her to bed in a new way.  We all say good night to the night-night wall, all kiss the frog, and then all say our prayers on our knees in her bedroom.  Then we kiss her good night and put her down.  Last night she wasn’t thrilled at first but it only took a few minutes tops before she settled down and went to sleep.  We’ll see how tonight goes. 

This morning she awoke screaming her “Daddy!!!  Mommy!! Wake UP!”  Geoff got up with her and got her breakfast and let me sleep.  Soon she came into the bedroom yelling “Mommy!  Wake Up!” She crawled into bed with me and we all began playing under the covers.  This is one fantastic way to start the day!

So seeing how I’ve been an awful blogger this week… here are some of my favorite pictures from this week.  I love our little beauty and more than once a day, she takes my breath away.  Notice, she has a green thumb like her Mommy.  She pampers her little “garden” every day.  This week she got a new item for it from Ms. Main at work, a lady bug wind sock.  And I got a new butterfly wind chime from Melissa and Melaine so we have even more things to decorate with out there.

April Lj 047

April Lj 049

April Lj 052

April Lj 078

April Lj 074

April Lj 046

April Lj 070

April Lj 083

Today we took Sable to Savannah to get her hair shaved.  Lexi was very perplexed when we left her at the store.  She was very worried all day about Sable.  We took her shopping while we waited.  We went to the mall and bought nothing.  Then went to Target and let’s just say Lexi made out like a bandit… alphabet letters and numbers for the bath, new plate and cup, new straw sippy cup, a soccer ball, 2 toddler softballs, a 4th of July shirt, new pajamas, and a new pair of sandals.  Not too shabby!  Of course, she needed it ALL!  LOL! 


sfennell said...

Love the new pics!

Carolyn Smiley said...

I loved hearing her singing her ABC's to me today on the phone! Mom sure does a lot with her. I will say it again - You are so lucky to have her as a sitter. Of course we know Mom just loves taking care of her too!