Sunday, May 16, 2010

No pictures but a really sweet story…

I’m back tracking a bit but have a sweet little story to document lest I forget.  We knew we were getting Brennen for the night ahead of time.  Geoff and I had an agreement that he would get up and take Lexi to breakfast and let me sleep in after a really hard week at school and then we would go get the little guy. It was a nice thought but in the end we were all awake at 7:00.  So we all ended up going to breakfast.  It was so nice! After a really nice family time, we were walking Lexi out when a man stopped us.  I had noticed him watching us, which is not uncommon.  It’s very noticeable that Lexi is Chinese and we are not.  We simply see her as our daughter but we do draw interest in others. I usually just feel proud that we have Lexi and refuse to buy into any negativity. We are after all, very proud parents!  This man stopped us though and told us that if we ever noticed anyone staring at us to not think it is because of anything negative.  He wanted to let us know that it was because people see the miracle of our family. He told us that Lexi was a miracle.  We agreed with him and of course told him what a blessing Lexi was from our gracious Lord.  Needless to say…  blessed we are!

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