Monday, May 17, 2010

I need a hero!

Okay so I’m “dating” myself quoting this 80’s song from “Footloose”. Who cares!  Age is just a number.  But today when I came home after working all day finishing grades for the year and dealing with Kids that are soooooo ready for summer vacation and taking Lj grocery shopping (where she never fails to say “hello” to anyone who walks by…. such a polite, friendly little child!) and then walking in to the house only to discover Sable busted out of the laundry room and gave me a nice little “pee-pee” present on the living room hardwood floor, I was a little more than NOT in the mood to clean it up.  (Those who went to school here will understand when I say that Mrs. Darsey would “fry” me for my long run-on beginning sentence!) Anyhow…. I put the deaf Sable outside and began to clean up the floor.  Lexi was really sweet and stayed on the couch as I cleaned the floor but eventually she got up and proceeded to “help” me.  Who needs a housekeeper when you have such a cutie to help out…. or at least make things more fun?

May 390

This was after she laid on the couch with her new “pillow” … who knew you could save so much money on pillows!  Lexi sure had fun with the Kroger $1.49 paper towel roll! (We’ve had to scale down from our favorite Viva paper towel!)  Maybe one day we can afford a housekeeper from the savings we make from not buying Viva anymore… (NOT!  Just wishful thinking!)

May 384

In closing… the t-shirt explains it all!  LOL!  In the middle of Kroger this afternoon Lexi proclaimed, “I happy girl!” How sweet! And I’m so thankful!  She makes us as happy as we try to pay it forward with her every day! I always wanted two children and now I have them and love them both so much! 

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Mike and Rhonda said...

Awwww. Lexi the little hero and helper. So sweet.