Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Photos

The weekend was pretty laid back.   I’ve nursed my cold and unfortunately may have passed it on to Lj.  She’s now got a running nose and is sneezing a lot.   This afternoon we went to an old friend’s daughter’s graduation party.  She is an adorable girl destined to have a very bright future.  She will be going off to college at Ga. Tech with a full scholarship in August.  I don’t know what Sharon is going to do without Kaitlyn at home.  Lexi has not really spent much time with Kaitlyn but she was all Lexi wanted to talk about on the way home.  They live at the coast so I brought my camera knowing that there would be plenty of good photo opportunities.  Lexi was adorable in the new dress her Daddy bought her last week.  She really came alive and tried to steal the spotlight at the party. She’s definitely not on the quiet side like her father and me.


May 448 

May 456

May 458

May 477

May 500

May 525

May 518

May 530

Just before we left, Lexi surprised Sharon with a big hug and actually let her pick her up.  Lexi’s a smart girl.  She knows when people want to hold her and will play her games and make them work for it.  She made Sharon very happy!  Her lips look like she has on black lipstick from her eating a Ga. Tech black and yellow cookie!  It was a very nice party.  We wish the best in life for Kaitlyn. 


Tracy said...

Cute it!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Tell Geoff, LJ looks amazing in black! Good job dad.

mhsands said...

She is just a beauty! Tell LJ she better be saving me a hug!