Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day of the 2009-2010 School Year!

Wahoo!  Yes, it’s over.  Only four more work days to go.  However, I think the excitement and joy of the end of the school year has been lost with a quickly oncoming Sinus Infection.  Those of us who suffer from them know exactly what I’m talking about.  It hit me yesterday after lunch… sore throat, sneezing, tiredness, runny nose.  This morning I woke up after not being able to breathe through my nose all night and waking all night to get water to ease my dry mouth complete with such a terrible headache  on the left side of my head that hurt to even touch my face. I went to work anyhow and made it through the day.  My biggest regret was feeling awful during the day and not properly saying good bye to my dear students, especially the 5th graders who will be moving on. Some of them are just jewels that melt my heart each time I see them. 

So this afternoon as soon as the buses were leaving, I went home leaving Lj with Mom so I could rest.  I was hot, clammy and achy and turned the air down to about 70 degrees.  Took more meds and went to sleep.  At about 5:30 I work up and went to get her.  I do feel better as long as I am still and keep taking the meds.  Geoff is now Lexi’s prisoner.  Yesterday as I laid on the couch after bringing her home from Mom’s and telling her that I felt bad, she kept climbing on me and just begging me “read to me please, Mommy!”.  You can just imagine how hard it is for me to not read to our precious child at the age of two begging to be read to, especially when the books she wants to read right now are “I Love You Like Crazy Cakes!” and '”Chinese New Year”.  I feel that she is interested in her beginnings because every time I read the Crazy Cakes book, I relate how it is so much like when we got her.  I think during the summer break I will make our very own Crazy Cakes book for her using her pictures.

Tomorrow we may be keeping both Grandsons while Sara gets a hair cut (providing I don’t feel any worse).  It should be fun and we are looking forward to 3 little electric charges to keep us energized!  So since I have very little pictures of today I will post a few recent pictures of pictures of Lj, Brennen and CE in anticipation of tomorrow!

May 143

What a messy breakfast!  Amazing, they both ate pretty well!

May 151

Who says Lj can’t share well? 

May 257

Two water babies! 

May 267

Little Lj has to get some “junk in her trunk” to fit into Daddy’s bathing suit pick for this year!  LOL! (she even has on a little swimmer diaper!)

May 281

Brennen caught in mid-air!  Lexi was not nearly as brave!  But Lexi was very impressed!

May 331

Smokey actually liked Brennen more than Lexi for some reason.  Lexi scares him!  They were so funny because at one point Lexi was standing in the yard and he unexpectantly rubbed her little tushy and knocked her down.  From then on, they both tried to position their bottoms so he would rub them and knock them down.  They are such copy-cats!  

You’d never know they are not cousins but instead Auntie and nephew!  It’s amazing how the American family has changed into it’s own unique miracle.  We just must just always remember to bring along our faith and family values as the family unit continues to change.  I can with 100% faith say that I know that God smiles down on our family and wouldn’t have our multi-cultural family any different.  And when I say that I mean my sister’s family as well has Geoff’s brothers and of course, my very own family who was made complete with my brother’s adoption many years ago. I couldn’t love my family any more!


mhsands said...

I hope you feel better! I'll call u tomorrow and check on you!

Carolyn Smiley said...

Lexi will never get rid of her farmer tan lines if Geoff continues to buy her swim suits with sleeves!

Carolyn Smiley said...

It still amazes me how much she has changed the dynamics of our family! She has been an absolute blessing.