Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing Amelia Island

Last Saturday this time, Carolyn and I were just back from an afternoon at the beach.  We had a WONDERFUL time!  This time we spent a week at the condo that we stayed at last summer and this time it was mostly a “girls” trip.  It was Carolyn and Brittney, me and Lexi and for half of the week we had the pleasure of Taylor, Brittney’s friend.  Geoff did come down on Friday evening to have dinner with us and spend the night.  On Saturday, he took Lexi and Brittney back home along with a LOAD of our stuff.  This made it easier for Carolyn and me to get back home.  On the way up, we had so much stuff that we rivaled “The Beverly Hillbillies”.  I don’t think we could have put ONE more thing in the car! 

The weather was great and we just spent the whole week relaxing and enjoying some heaven on earth.  I didn’t get a chance to blog since we had no Internet but actually getting away from the computer for many days was probably good for me!   The only drawback from our trip was that both Carolyn and me came home and began to get sick.  Both of us ended up with Bronchitis and have to spend all of this week fighting it.  Thankfully the girls did not get sick.  I’ve spent a great part of today just relaxing.  My energy level is way down so I’ve been taking breaks and looking at pictures and trying to decide which ones to post.  I’ve tons and of course some are better than others.  So here goes… a little visual candy of our wonderful week.  I’m so lucky to have such a great relationship with my sister.  She is not only my sis, she is my best friend too.  She loves Lexi and Lexi loves her.  Not only that, Lexi loves Brittney and Brittney loves Lexi.  We had a blast with our very special daughters who entered our lives and filled our hearts with love we never knew we were missing. 

july 028

Ready for the beach!

july 029

Eating a sandwich… “blankie” is never far away!

july 033

I told Carolyn that Lexi liked mayo… whoa! Not that much!

july 045

Brittney and Taylor loved the waves! This year, Lexi?  No so much!

july 048

Our beautiful Polka-dot Bikini girls!

july 049

A sleeping beach beauty!

july 059

july 062 

Beautiful girls!

july 075a

Sisters and Best friends

july 098b

Me and My Beach Beauty

july 109 

july 111

july 301 

july 268

july 176

july 177

july 195

july 459    

I can’t wait for the next beach trip!

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Carolyn Smiley said...

You know we really have two beautiful daughters! I know this sounds weird but there is something about Lexi's adoption that has drawn me closer to Britt. I can't explain it nor do I understand it but it is real. Those two girls brighten my days and fill my life with much joy! Not to mention, Britt thinks she has a little sis!!