Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ballerina of the Day

Guess who got a certificate today for being the “Ballerina” of the day??  Yep, you got it!  Our little Lj led the line out of class today with a proud certificate in her hand!  I was so proud even though I know that they give them out evenly.  She doesn’t know that!  Plus, I watched our little ballerina today through the one way glass and marveled again at how well she is doing.  I should say I “hogged” the window!  I figure that I as probably the oldest Mom in the building should get some perks!  LOL!

Lexi was disappointed once again that she did not have her very own tap shoes that she can get out of her bag.  (We ordered them now a month ago! And Lj does not understand WHY she does not have her own tap shoes like all the other girls.)  Who knows they may have been here today but Mrs. Cheryl’s daughter had a baby today so she was out. 

I had to take some pictures of Lexi with her certificate.  This weekend, she will have her first public debut!  We will be posting how she does.  Sometimes it takes her a bit to warm up so we have no clue how she will do!  Not to mention that the dance they are doing is a “witch” dance and she does not like witches!  And that she will have to wear a witch hat AND black tights!  Two uncomfortable things may just be too much!

Anyhow… here is our little ballerina!

lj 003lj 006

I so love watching her grow and learn but at the same time just want to slow her down! 

One more story and then I’m done.  Last week when I picked Lexi up from her dance lesson, her teacher walked out and came up to me and said that she wanted me to know how proud she was of Lexi.  She said that that particular day at dance, the girls were not listening and that she had to raise her voice a lot.  She made sure that I knew that she did not have to raise her voice at Lexi.  She so far as to say that Lexi was doing awesome and that she tried her best, listened the first time spoken to and that she clearly wanted to do well.  I jokingly told her that I wished she would do the same at home!  She then proceeded to tell me that it was student’s like Lexi that made her continue to want to teach dance.  I was so proud!  I so hope that she continues to do so well and that she does indeed to always strive to do her best! 

We know she is amazing but it is extra special to hear it from complete strangers!

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