Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butterflies… are free… to fly…. Fly Away!!!

LMS_bloomalbum_pg1 copy

Here are a few pictures taken while we released butterflies over the last month.  At home we are up to over 160!  Today when we came home, we had two unexpected little new butterflies that hatched.  One was a boy and the other a girl.  I was so tempted to keep them and just see if I could successfully breed and raise some.  But considering how hard it is to grow milkweed in the winter, I decided it was best to let them go.  We have ONE little lost caterpillar that is just today making its chrysalis so we have just one… one little butterfly to look forward to.  It’s been fun and it’s just too cool to hear my little one actually say things like, “Mommy, it’s a chrysalis!”.  That’s just too cool!

P.S. Yea, this post is me trying to use PhotoShop again for the first time in like FOREVER! 

And yes, every single time we release a butterfly, I think of the journey it has ahead to migrate to Mexico and just think how nice it would to go visit the Monarch sanctuary with it!  Maybe one day, our family will actually go to witness this miracle of nature together.

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