Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hiding Stuff from Sable

On Tuesday, Miss Cheryl gave all the girls a treat bag that had a bunch of lollipops in it.  Well, when Lexi wasn’t looking, Sable got one and took off! Lexi started hollering for me to come and was just so upset that Sable had a lollipop.  When I got near her, she hunkered down like she was eating a steak (paper and all).  I told Lexi to let her have it and she just cried because she wanted to eat it.  So she got mad and decided to HIDE the rest of her candy.  After she went to bed, we laughed at her hiding method.

lexi 005  lexi 006lexi 007lexi 008

lexi 009lexi 011

That was quite a lot to do just to hide candy from the dog!  And of course, she never even asked about it after we put everything away when she went to bed.

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