Thursday, October 13, 2011

I missed my calling…

Once upon a time, my Mother wanted me to go into the Medical field.  I told her I just could not stomach the yucky stuff and never even considered it even when she said I could be an X-ray technician.   Little did I know that teaching also comes with “Yucky stuff” and for that matter so does Motherhood!  Heck!  Sometimes I can’t even stomach the cats and dogs! 

However, over the years anytime anything comes up with any of us, I make my very unprofessional diagnosis of the issue and make very good diagnosis! YES!  Geoff has bronchitis.  He was still sick this morning and stayed home and on his OWN violation made a Dr. appt.  Seriously, I do not take any pleasure in being right and I pray that Lj does not get sick next.  I see Geoff going through what I did last weekend and just feel so bad for him.  I hope his meds kick in soon!

On another note, once I got home tonight I began to fix dinner and “play” with my next idea for Lexi’s snack next week.  I got the idea here and have been anxiously awaiting making this month’s treat. Well, after buying the necessary ingredients, I tried one… then two… and so on and so on!!! Now I just implore anyone who has made these adorable little Smore Owls to share with me HOW you managed to get the doggone marshmallow eyes to MATCH!  Every one I tried ended up with one BIG eye and one LITTLE eye!  It must be possible since the site with the recipe has such a perfect cookie!  And no… I’m not likely to be pleased with a crazy two – sized eye Owl.  Owls are cute… adorable and I want this snack to work! 

As I finish this post, I hear Lj coughing in her room…. Gracious,”Lord Jesus keep her well!” 

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