Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prima Ballerina!

Ah, sickness has invaded our home but thankfully it has only attacked Geoff and me.  After being “down” since last Wednesday with muscle spasms and then bronchitis I am back to feeling better.  I can’t say the same for Geoff and can’t be sure that I didn’t give him something. 

I was home yesterday and did take Lj to her dance class.  She was awesome as usual and is learning so quickly!  It makes a Mama proud!  This morning, Lj wore an outfit we bought at Carter’s with boots from Old Navy to match.  I just love dressing her in quirky cute clothes! I’d make another scrapbook page if only I could remember some of the key strokes that I need to know … (Melissa… time for some re-teaching!!)

So here are some picts I took this afternoon as we returned home to find two of the last three Butterflys that needed to be turned loose to fly to Mexico!

lj 007

She is always so concerned if they are boys or girls.  Today, we had a boy and a girl!

lj 008

There is a butterfly in this picture but she turned away… as usual!

lj 009

She’s alright as long as they don’t touch her skin anywhere other than her hand! She didn’t like this butterfly lovin’ at all!

Next thing to do was go play on the Little Tykes!

lj 015

lj 017

lj 019

lj 022

lj 031

She’s certainly a tough little thing!  It’s amazing how much she has grown!  In this picture she is wearing a mixture of sizes!  The top is size 4 (which is for now a bit big but by the end of winter will probably be just right!.  The skirt is still a 2T but she can now wear size 3 leggins!  The boots… size 8!)  It  just seems that each season she gains much more and by the time she hits four maybe she will actually wear a size four for the most part!  If only we could just slow…. and I mean ssssslllooww…. down…  her growing up!  And Yes!  It’s time for a haircut!

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