Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Dress vs. Panties

Geoff came home last night and brought Lexi a bag from Baby Gap.  She went from totally excited to NOT in like 5 seconds.  See he brought her panties and she wanted a pretty dress.  She scolded him and told him not to bring her panties anymore.

In fact, she was so bummed out by it she brought it up again today and told me that she didn’t like those panties and that I should buy her Ariel panties because she would like them. So later Aunt Carolyn came by with another pretty dress from Cutie Patootie.  Lexi had to go into the whole panty story all over again with Carolyn. 

I think Daddy is going to have to redeem himself with either a pretty dress or Ariel panties one day real soon!

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