Monday, October 17, 2011

Lexi says this is how to make an Owl Smore…

Tomorrow is Lexi’s day to bring snack.  She pretty much had her hands in every step of the way so watch out future Chefs… Lexi may well be a force to deal with!

First, you break graham crackers in half.  Then you squeeze marshmallow in half to make the “eyes” of the owl.  (Just please ignore the fact that she is about 3 weeks late for her haircut!)

owl cookies 005

owl cookies 006

Then you take some Wilton yellow wafers and shave the point off with a knife… (Lexi had to do this too, only she asked for a kid’s knife so that she would not cut her fingers).

owl cookies 009

I was then able to put them in oven on the low broil heat just long enough to melt and fluff the marshmallows. Then we carefully, put the candy corn beaks in place along with the M&M eyes in place.

owl cookies 013

owl cookies 014

And the finished bunch…

owl cookies 016

And of course, she had to help with the packaging of the finished to bring to school. (not great photos for some crazy reason) The toppers were made by Melissa… Lexi’s extra special Mommy’s friend.  What really surprised me here was that as I cut the toppers out and began to fold them in half, Lexi insisted on helping and much to my surprise, she could fold in half just as well as me! 

owl cookies 018

And here they are… our basket of school treats for the month of October.  One to bring home and one to eat at school.

owl cookies 027

owl cookies 029

owl cookies 030

So… what shall we do next month??

And by the way… the idea came from one of my favorite sites Living Lucurto.  We’ve just been waiting for October!  I love doing these kinds of “cooking” activities with Lj.  She loves it and we get great Mommy-Daughter time together. It’s so much fun!

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