Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dancing Princess!

Today was Lexi’s second dancing lesson.  She started last Tuesday but low and behold I brought a camera without SD card!  So today I made sure to bring a camera.  I didn’t get the greatest photos but no worries… our little princess is just awesome!  Last week, she was not prepared for what she was about to do.  We had talked about taking her to Disney on Ice and she thought that was what we were doing. Today however, she knew exactly what to expect and was sooooooo ready! I stood behind the one-way window and watched her dance in total amazement! She has pretty much picked up everything overnight!  Most of these girls have been coming to dance since August.  Needless to say… this MAMA thinks her little dancing princess is just sooooo talented!

chinadancer 001

chinadancer 002

chinadancer 003

chinadancer 007

chinadancer 008

We had to order tap shoes so these are loaners.  Lexi want’s some so bad that she put them in her bag.  I think she just thought they were hers since she has worn them two weeks in a row now.  Last week she “fussed” at me for not having a “dance bag” with her shoes in it like all the other girls.  I got the bag this week, but we still have to wait for the tap shoes to come in.  This week she was so proud of herself and talked about how she was not being shy today.  I for one was a very proud Mommy!

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