Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Back to Christmas Decorating...

Yes, I've been at it again. Well, Geoff was out of town and what else was I do to? Those of you who know me, know that a few years ago (the one and ONLY time the house had lights on it) I surprised my dear husband one evening when he came home with lights on the house. It was an even bigger surprise when I tricked him into believing that I had fallen off of the ladder and broken my leg during the process. I'm not usually such a dishonest woman but for some reason I couldn't resist. And it was funny by the way. But tonight I rushed home and thought I would surprise Geoff with lights on the house when he returned home. It didn't take but ONE trip up the ladder to refresh my memory as to WHY I could pull off such a trick. It's a LONG way up to the top of our roof! And it's slanted which makes it even harder to balance the ladder! At one point, the ladder was shaking more that I was. I did manage to get at least half of the front done before it got too dark and if I MUST say myself, it looks even better than before. Now ... do you think I can get Dear Geoff to help me with the rest??? I'll try to get some pictures of it when it is finished. This is just practice for next year when Lexi will be here to see the lights. She will just love it!

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