Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Decorating Update!

Last night I was positively too ill to post! I came home from work tired and ready to just lay low but I convinced myself I had to finish the lights on the house. So I dragged myself outside, filled my pockets with light hooks for the roof, took the ladder out, grabbed some more lights and got busy. The first thing I noticed was that it was COLDER and the little plastic hooks took more elbow grease to get the cord secure and that my hands were freezing! Well, I got one more stand up and was about to embark on the another area of the house that would put my courage to the test. I had to kick off my shoes because I was afraid I would slip when I stepped onto the roof. I sat there and prayed that I wouldn't fall off the roof and that God would keep me safe. The next thing I knew, ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OFF!!! I thought maybe the plug had come out or something but NO, they were all fine. I tried every troubleshooting angle possible to no avail. About this time Geoff called and I told him just how ticked off I was. Now not only did I not have lights on the house, I HAD lights that worked just for one night. He came home and checked it out and it turns out that you can only link so many lights together before you blow a fuse! Why did they omit that on the box?? So now, I'm back to no lights, it has begun to rain so there is no chance of getting these lights lit up until Sunday afternoon ... if then. All I could think of was that stupid Christmas song to the tune of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" where you hear the voice of Archie Bunker screaming "these lights!!". I need serious help! I've decided that any future house I live in will have a lower roof so that I can use one of those tools they sell at Lowe's that gets the lights up with NO LADDER!

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Jenna said...

I feel your pain, but not quite to that extreme I'm sure. My "too big for my house" tree required 14 strings of lights for it to be as bright as I wanted it to be. I hooked all of the cords together as I wrapped it. Just as soon as I finished all of the lights went out. I had to find which of the 14 had a blown fuse (not an easy task when they were all buried who knows where in the tree)I finally found it and decided to half up the strands only to blow another fuse two days later!!!!! I had to rearrange cords again. If one blows again then the tree just won't have lights this year.