Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's next in the process

So what's next on the adoption process . . . yesterday I picked up my employment verification letter from the board office. This is one more document that we need for the dossier. On Tuesday we went to the police station to get letters for each of us stating that we were good citizens with no warrants or arrests.

This is all we are waiting for at this point . . .
1. Geoff's letter of employment. (Geoff)
2. The letter to the Chinese government explaining why we want to adopt. (Geoff)
3. The financial statement for the dossier. (Geoff)
4. 5 passport photos of each of us for the dossier (both of us)
5. The approval from Immigration
6. Authentication of the documents from our local Clerk of court, then the Secretary of State, and the the Chinese Consulant.
7. Then the dossier will be mailed to China (or called DTC by the adoption community)
8. Then we will receive a logged in date (LID)
9. Then we begin the wait

As you can see, we have very little to do ourselves. I truly hope we will begin the waiting by the end of January. I have calmed down a bit lately as far as the waiting and the disappointment in the longer waiting time. I've really got plenty of things to do to prepare and lots of things to be grateful for. I just keep praying for our little girl and know that God has the perfect little one picked out for us.

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