Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Day of Work

Today was another day of milestones. We finally .... FINALLY got the kitchen floor replaced. This means that the water leak in the slab from 3 years ago and the aftermath is finally over. (okay, well we do have to finish some shoe molding). It looks so great! I'm totally happy with the new floor. While the men were working, I worked on the getting the study organized so that I can work on my dissertation without being distracted by clutter and then I moved into Lexi's room. Any day now the furniture should all be in and I've wanted to get anything out that was being stored in the room. Now anything in the room is just Lexi's. It's so plain now but as soon as the furniture gets here, the pictures will go on the walls, books will come out of the closet and be placed on her hutch, her bedding will be in place and I'll be able to check one more thing off of my list. These are some before pictures. I can't wait to post some after ones.

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